GCS honors Sonoraville Student who saved injured drivers in car accident

February 14th, 2024 – 5:00 PM

WRGA Staff Reports –

Gordon County Schools Board of Education recently honored Cayman Reynolds, an 11th Grade Sonoraville High School student who heroically saved injured drivers from a car accident:

“Cayman Reynolds is a Sonoraville High School junior who showed bravery and courage in ways that many would shy away from. Cayman found himself stuck in traffic on the way to school the rainy morning of January 25th. Worried he was going to get in trouble for being late; Cayman pulled his phone out to film evidence of the traffic stop. Cars were at a standstill because of a car crash.

While recording, Cayman stopped when he realized that there was still someone in one of the vehicles. A truck had been flipped on its side and started to catch fire. Reynolds didn’t hesitate when he rushed over to the truck and spoke with the driver, whose foot was stuck in the wreckage.

Cayman rallied other bystanders around him as he first tried to flip the truck upright. If you know Cayman, you know this junior all-region tight end is all of 6-foot-four-inches, but even he admitted he wasn’t as strong as he hoped they would have been in that moment. They couldn’t flip the truck, so Cayman grabbed a wrench from the truck’s toolbox and busted the window.

With the help of the others, Cayman pulled the individual out of the truck and carried him away to safety. That man was our very own Director of Facilities, Mr. Ron Norrell.

Cayman made sure that Ron was stable before they went and rescued another person, eventually securing everyone’s safety before paramedics arrived.

Cayman’s act of bravery that day reflects the kind of leadership and heroic selflessness we all aspire to have. He’s already had offers to play football at Georgia Tech, Michigan State, and Eastern Kentucky.”

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