Sen. Jason Anavitarte proposes Tort Reform protections for gun manufacturers and property owners

Wednesday, January 24, 2024–3:57 p.m.

-News Release-

Jason Anavitarte

Chairman of the Senate Majority Caucus, Senator Jason Anavitarte (R – Dallas) announced his intention to introduce the “Second Amendment Lawsuit Protection Act.” This legislation aims to provide liability protection to property owners and gun manufacturers against frivolous lawsuits. Anavitarte issued the following statement: 

“When Georgia passed my Constitutional Carry legislation last session, I promised Georgians that the only permit they’ll need to carry a weapon in the State of Georgia is the 2nd Amendment.  To make that promise a reality, we must ensure Georgia businesses and property owners can allow citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights without fear of being sued solely because they permitted individuals to exercise those rights. With the increasing number of liberal local and state governments trying to roll back the immunity protections for gun companies, it is also important to send a strong message to gun manufacturers that Georgia is the right place to do business.  To that end, The Second Amendment Lawsuit Protection Act aims to protect gun manufacturers domiciled in Georgia so they can continue to build these constitutionally protected tools unmolested by trial lawyers.  This legislation will provide strict immunity protection under state law to protect against changes in federal law or out-of-state lawyers looking to harm Georgia’s businesses. I don’t believe you need a permit to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights and business owners and gun manufacturers certainly shouldn’t have to have a special insurance policy.  The 2nd Amendment is nonnegotiable, and we are going to make sure Georgia is the best place in the country to exercise your God-given right to build, sell and carry a weapon.”

Anavitarte plans to introduce the Second Amendment Lawsuit Preservation Act in early February.  The 2024 Georgia Legislative Session ends March 28, 2024.

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