Second suspect arrested In Little River Canyon murder case

Tuesday, August 1, 2023–11:07 a.m.

-WEIS Radio-

Jessie Eden Kelly

A second suspect in the murder of a woman, whose remains were found in Little River Canyon on June 28, has been extradited from Pennsylvania to Alabama to face charges.

22-year-old Jessie Eden Kelly was recently booked into the Cherokee County, Alabama Jail.

Her mother, Loretta Kay Carr, has been in the DeKalb County, Alabama Jail since June 25.

Both are charged with murder and kidnapping in the death of Mary Elizabeth Isbell on October 18, 2021.

According to the criminal complaints filed in each case both Carr and Kelly did “intentionally” cause Isbell’s death “by pushing her off of a cliff.”

DeKalb Sheriff’s Office Investigator Nick Brown described what the women did to Isbell as “inhuman and brutal.”

The state is seeking the death penalty against Carr.  

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