SPLOST list finalized

Sunday, July 2, 2023–12:00 p.m.

-Adam Carey, Rome News-Tribune-

The final SPLOST project list which will go before voters in November contains a breadth of projects covered across the county rather than a signature project to attract voters.

“This SPLOST is great because there are a lot of projects speckled throughout Rome and Floyd County,” Floyd County Clerk Erin Elrod said.

The proposal runs the gamut of projects from public safety, infrastructure, public works, quality of life, and economic development. Among those, Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation received $8 million to improve parks across Floyd County, which includes artificial fields at Alto and Garden Lakes parks and splash pads at Etowah, Lock & Dam, North Floyd, Shag Williams, and Wolfe parks.

The advisory committee also recommended going from the usual five-year to a six-year collection, with the revenue from that year funding transportation projects exclusively.

“I think the sixth year has always been a great idea,” Floyd County Manager Jamie McCord said. “It will allow us to deal with some infrastructure problems we’ve had for a while.”

There was some discussion on the implications of adding a sixth year, but ultimately the committee voted to approve. The addition increased the total budget for the 1-cent sales tax, based on expected revenue, to approximately $110 million.

The 11-member advisory committee, chaired by local lawyer Bob Berry, is comprised of six appointees from the county, four from the city, and one from Cave Spring.

Berry once again stressed the need for the SPLOST to be approved, and reminded the committee that should the package be voted down by voters, most of the projects would still require funding but without the benefit of out-of-county revenue received via the sales tax.

However, Berry was optimistic.

“When this is passed,” Berry said. “It will help push this community forward.”

Rome Mayor Sundai Stevenson also addressed the committee, stating that she was recently at meetings in Atlanta, and that the success of Rome and Floyd County was not going unnoticed at the state level.

“People on the outside want to be like Rome,” Stevenson said. “We do SPLOST the right way. Not every county allows citizens to recommend projects.”

Advisory committee member Evie McNiece was also very positive about the SPLOST projects and how the process allowed for input from across the county.

“When you touch everybody,” McNiece said, “you get everybody on-board.”

What will go before voters in November

Infrastructure & Technology Improvements

♦ Cave Spring Elementary School roof repair — $200,000

♦ City of Rome Clocktower structural repair — $800,000

♦ Additional T-Hangars for airport $1,739,000

♦ Recycling technology improvements $1,000,000

♦ Total $3,739,000

Water & Sewer

♦ Cave Spring water main replacement — $3,000,000

♦ City of Rome Highway 411 water main expansion — $3,400,000

♦ City of Rome Enterprise Corner sewer expansion — $4,500,000

♦ Floyd County southeast water main extension — $2,600,000

♦ Total $13,500,000

Public Safety

♦ Rome-Floyd Fire Department capital — $5,750,000

♦ Floyd County Police capital — $2,000,000

♦ City of Rome police headquarters — $22,481,289

♦ City of Rome police radios — $1,200,000

♦ Floyd County Police training facility — $2,000,000

♦ Floyd County Police secure parking & evidence facility — $270,000

♦ Floyd County Jail improvements — $2,890,000

♦ Floyd County Prison improvements — $1,900,000

Total $38,491,289

Economic Development

♦ Land Purchase for economic development — $10,000,000

Public Works & Transportation

♦ Floyd County Public Works capital — $4,048,000

♦ Mango Road improvements — $2,500,000

♦ Turn lane at Park Avenue & Dragon Drive — $1,200,000

♦ Floyd County paving & infrastructure — $10,600,000

♦ City of Rome paving & infrastructure — $6,500,000

♦ Chulio Road improvements — $6,000,000

♦ Eden Valley Road improvements — $160,000

♦ Three Mile Road improvements — $1,800,000

Total $32,808,000

Quality of Life

♦ Alto Park $915,000

♦ Etowah Park w/ splash pad — $3,650,000

♦ Garden Lakes Park — $2,500,000

♦ Lock & Dam Park splash pad — $235,000

♦ North Floyd Park splash pad — $235,000

♦ Shag Williams Park splash pad — $235,000

♦ Wolfe Park splash pad — $235,000

♦ Jackson Hill to Ridge Ferry connector boardwalk — $2,000,000

♦ Eagle Park renovations — $550,000

♦ Oostanaula Paddle in Campsite — $850,000

♦ Ridge Ferry Ramp replacement — $60,000

Total $11,465,00

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