Juvenile charged with convenience store burglary, mother charged in same case for receiving, selling the stolen property

Friday, June 30, 2023–9:30 a.m.

-Gordon County Sheriff’s Office-

A woman is accused of aiding and abetting two minors in the burglary of a Plainville convenience store.

According to Gordon County Sheriff Mitch Ralston:

At about 4 p.m. Monday, deputy sheriffs were dispatched to a convenience store in Plainville in response to a report of a burglary.

There, they were met by the owner who told them that the front door had been smashed out with a large rock.

The items taken included ‘vaping’ devices and tobacco products. ‘Vapes’ which appeared to have been used were scattered about the scene.

The investigation revealed that two young boys were involved after deputies reviewed security camera footage.

While reviewing the security footage, investigating officers could overhear the young perpetrators speaking with who is believed to have been their mother during the burglary.

Deputies were able to quickly identify and question the two juveniles, discovered to be age 15 and age 8, who gave information that led the deputies to locate and arrest their mother.

The juveniles were not taken into custody, although the 15-year-old will face burglary charges.

Next, deputies traveled to Calhoun Lodge on South Line Street, where they arrested Ashley Renee Bennettage 33, of 680 Plainville Road.

Investigating detectives recovered dozens of stolen ‘vaping’ devices in her car.

Detectives have reason to believe that she was selling the stolen merchandise at the apartment complex.

She admitted getting the merchandise from her children and also told detectives that several actual illegal entries into the business had been made over the course of the weekend. 

Bennett is in jail facing charges of theft by receiving stolen property, and two counts of contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.

Sheriff Ralston said, “This is a sad commentary on the state of society. As difficult as it is to imagine a mother aiding and abetting her two minor children in a commercial burglary, this was the case. My deputies made DFCS referrals as well as conducted the criminal investigation. It is fortunate that this matter was swiftly resolved, and can now be referred to the courts.” 

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