FCPD Major Jeff Jones attends training in Israel

Sunday, June 25, 2023–12:32 p.m.

-News Release-

GBI Director Mike Register, Israeli Police Official, Major Jeff Jones

Major Jeff Jones of the Floyd County Police Department has returned to Georgia from Israel after an intensive two weeks of public safety leadership training with the country’s top police executives.

Jones was part of a 20-member delegation that partnered with the Israel Police for the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange’s 30th annual peer-to-peer executive training program.

While in Israel, they were shown best practices and the latest technologies in policing and public safety.

They learned more about strategies to successfully lead law enforcement programs and use community policing to build safer neighborhoods for minority communities in partnership with all community stakeholders.

The delegation included 12 Georgia police chiefs and command staff — including the Atlanta and Gwinnett public school system chiefs — three Georgia sheriffs, the director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, a law enforcement coordinator for the Department of Justice, the director of the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, a deputy commissioner from the Georgia Department of Public Safety and a senior law enforcement official from Tennessee.

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