Floyd County Police headquarters moving to former Glenwood School property

Wednesday, May 3, 2023–11:43 a.m.

-David Crowder, WRGA News-

The Floyd County Police Department is moving to a new home, possibly as early as next year.

On Wednesday, the Floyd County Commission and the Floyd County Board of Education held a joint meeting to approve the transfer of the former Glenwood Elementary School property to the county. The building will become the county police headquarters, giving them much-needed additional space. It will also free up space at the joint law enforcement center downtown for court.

“The law enforcement center will turn into judicial space going forward,” said Floyd County Jamie McCord. “Now, we can immediately move to architecture work and start the process of improving that judicial space. It’s a win-win. It’s the reuse of a great facility, already paid for by the taxpayers. It’s a great opportunity for us to work together with the Floyd County Schools and make good use of an existing building. Without having to go to the voters for a bond referendum or even another special purpose, local option sales tax project.”

According to McCord, the building was built for elementary-aged students, so it’s going to have to be modified. However, he expects the extent of the renovations will be less than building a new facility.

“Floyd County Schools kept the building alive,” he added. “The power, the water, and the sewer are all connected. It’s been climate controlled. Again, it’s concrete, bricks, and steel. It has a new roof, so I feel really good about how far down the road we are in getting ready to renovate.”

Although the school system is receiving no money from the transfer, they will save on maintenance costs on the building. Superintendent Glenn White said the advantage of the transfer goes well beyond that.

“Floyd County government has helped the Floyd County School System with many different projects, like the Armuchee Primary paving,” he said. “They are going to help us with the new Mango Road entrance into Model Elementary, Model Middle, and Model High. There have been multiple other projects over the years. It’s just been a positive thing for all of us. When you look at governments working together, this is an example of how we work together for the people of Floyd County.”

Floyd County Police Chief Mark Wallace is excited about the move.

“Over the years, we have just run out of space,” he added. “Rome Police have run out of space as well. We want to grow just like any other organization and we have plans for future growth. The Glenwood property is going to allow us to have that growth. We’re really looking forward to this.”

As part of last year’s local option sales tax negotiations, the county assumed control of the law enforcement center, while the city got the Forum. The Rome City Police Department is also looking for a new site for its headquarters.

Glenwood Primary and Cave Spring Elementary closed at the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

Last year, the school board approved the sale of the former Cave Spring Elementary property to the City of Cave Spring for $40,000. Plans are still being discussed by citizens and members of the council about the potential uses for that property.

The Floyd County Commission, Floyd County Board of Education, and the Floyd County Police Department celebrate the approval of the transfer of the former Glenwood Elementary School property on Wednesday.

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