Fluorescent green dye in Cherokee AL not Hazardous

April 26th, 2023 – 5:30 PM

Cherokee County Emergency Management & Homeland Security –

(Fluorescent Green Dye in Spring Creek North of Gaylesville not Hazardous)

The Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency has been made aware by reports from citizens of an area of Spring Creek, north of Gaylesville (County Rd 41/87/114 area), having a fluorescent green color.

Director Rogers was informed by Northeast Alabama Water Authority approximately that NE AL Water is conducting a study and they dropped the NON-HAZARDOUS food-grade dye.

According to NE AL Water, the dye should dissipate quickly but will be visible for a period of time.

Again, according to Northeast Alabama Water Authority, there is no need for concern.

The Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency has been in communication with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management in reference to this as well and they are aware of this study being conducted.

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