Barron Stadium turns 100 in 2024

Wednesday, Apr. 12, 2023–8:02 a.m.

-David Crowder, WRGA News-

Barron Stadium turns 100 years old next year.

During their Tuesday meeting, Rome’s General Administration Committee heard about possible plans to celebrate the centenary.

Rome High Athletic Director Chris Boden said he is looking to put together a committee.

“If you have a name of someone who would be a good person to serve on the committee to come up with ways we can honor the 100th anniversary, I could use the help,” Boden told the committee. “It’s something we need to do.”

Barron Stadium, named for the area’s first Coca-Cola bottler and distributor, F.S. Barron, is located at 300 West Third Street in downtown Rome.

It has a seating capacity of 5,360.

The track is named for John Maddox, a local athlete who was a standout during the 1932 Olympics.

After nearly 100 years, Barron Stadium still hosts many events.

Boden told the committee that Barron Stadium has hosted pro soccer events twice in the last calendar year which have been very well received.

Shorter University has signed on again to play their home games at Barron.

The stadium will also host state and regional track meets in the coming year, along with high school football events like the Corky Kell Classic and the Georgia Elite Classic.

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