Update: Five in custody, two others sought as part of investigation into gang activity

Friday, Mar. 24, 2023–8:21 a.m.

-Floyd County Police-

The investigation of criminal gang activity continues in Floyd County as investigators arrest several members of the violent group known as Real Northside Babies. Police are asking for help from the public in locating two others who are armed and dangerous.

Five members of the Real Northside Babies are in jail with no bond after SWAT and investigators served a search warrant at a home in West Rome on March 21.

Police are searching for others for crimes that include armed robbery, false imprisonment, and participation in a criminal street gang.

The Real Northside Babies appeared on police radar about six months ago following an armed assault that occurred at the A1 Food and Beverage.

Follow-up investigations uncovered drugs, guns, and
money linked to a criminal enterprise by the group.

Information developed by the Floyd County Police Department revealed that the group was selling drugs and committing violent crimes all across the county that not only protect other gang members, but also further their success.

Gang members who are in jail with no bond include:

Charles Maddarius Adams, age 19

Jackobie Adams, age 18

Corey Chatman, age 18

Justin Glenn, age 20

Caden Morang, age 19

Police are still seeking two others:

Justin Beckworth, age 18, faces the following charges:
o Armed Robbery
o Aggravated Assault
o False Imprisonment
o Participation in a Criminal Street Gang
o Other weapons and drug offenses

Malachi Williams, age 20, faces the following charges:
o Armed Robbery
o Aggravated Assault
o False Imprisonment
o Participation in a Criminal Street Gang

Previously posted

Four Rome residents are facing charges of participation in criminal street gang activity and a number of other felonies including conspiracy to violate Georgia’s Controlled Substances Act and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

According to the arrest warrants:

19-year-old Charles Maddarius Lamar Adams and 18-year-old Jakobie Jiquan Adams conspired with 19-year-old Caden Alexander Morang to sell marijuana to another person at a convenience store on Burnett Ferry Road on Sept. 7, 2022. Two days later, the three are accused of being in the same room as 18-year-old Corey Lashun Chatman Jr., at a Conider Ring apartment along with narcotics, packaging materials, and a digital scale.

The four are suspected members of the Real Northside Babies street gang.

On Sept. 12, 2022, Floyd County Police were conducting a follow-up investigation into a shooting incident and executed a search warrant at the apartment.  Morang escaped with another individual through a window.

On Oct. 15, 2022, Charles Adams and Jakobie Adams participated in a gang-related beating during a meeting on Lavender Drive in which the victim was robbed at gunpoint. The victim sustained several injuries to his head, face, and body. The victim was not allowed to leave until the assault was over, at which time he was taken home by the suspects.

Charles Adams is also accused of assisting another man in an armed robbery that same day at a home on Pine Street. He is charged with being a party to the crime of armed robbery in that incident in which the victim had a gun held to his head and his cell phone was stolen.

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