Airport commission discusses new hangars

Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023–9:17 p.m.

-Adam Carey, Rome News-Tribune-

Richard B. Russell Regional Airport is ready for some additional hangars, Manager John Carroll told the Floyd County Airport Commission

Carroll told the citizen board at their Tuesday meeting that they’re making preparations for the new hangar being funded through the 2017 special purpose, local option sales tax package.

“We’re still working on the specific purpose of the hangar,” Carroll said. “We can either build it for multiple aircraft use or simply lease it out to a private operator. We’ll be making the determination soon.”

The commission is also anticipating requesting additional hangar space in the 2023 SPLOST initiative, which is being put together for a November vote.

“We’d like some more ‘T’ hangar space,” Carroll said. “Either a few buildings, or a whole row of them.”

“T” hangars are for smaller aircraft, with the building shaped like the letter “T,” and typically the aircraft is backed into the space.

“The more hangars we have, the more aircraft. And the more aircraft we have, the more fuel we sell, which is where we make the most revenue,” he said.

Carroll also spoke of the airfield being an asset for the city and county, something which can help attract business, or can tip the scales in their favor when a business owner is considering moving here or starting something new.

With almost 1,000 acres, Richard B. Russell Regional Airport is the largest aviation facility north of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Additionally, the airport will be hosting an International Aerobatics Club competition May 25-27 at the airfield.

The Museum of Flight also will be hosting its 13th annual Open Hangar Gala on April 29 as well as an open house May 20 featuring museum tours, military vehicles and Huey and Cobra helicopter rides.

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