Branson and TYM USA officially merge, corporate headquarters to be located in Rome

Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023–6:39 p.m.

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A merger between Branson Tractors and TYM USA, to be now officially known as TYM North America, also includes the announcement that the company will relocate its North American headquarters to Rome. 

The result of that merger comes in the form of a $20 million, 142,500-square-foot project at the Branson Tractors site at 2100 Cedartown Hwy. will include an expansion of the site’s current assembly lines, parts warehouse, and the addition of a TYM Technology Institute for service education. It will also be the location TYM North America’s headquarters.

The long-expected merger went into effect on Jan. 1 and has resulted in the launch of an entirely revamped, and customizable, tractor lineup. 

“The same high-quality products formerly produced by Branson Tractors and TYM USA aren’t going anywhere,” said Dohoon Kim, CEO of TYM Corporation, the parent company of TYM North America, in a statement. “We still know what makes a TYM Tractor an elite tool for our customer base, and the same can be said for the leadership team behind Branson Tractors. With this merger, we are only going to be improving upon two already-successful product lineups.”

TYM tractors are designed and manufactured in Korea and finally assembled in the U.S. 

The facility will include an expansion of the current parts center and the addition of a TYM Technology Institute for service education. The build will establish assembly lines for local tractor production by expanding its current semi-knock-down assembly lines into complete knockdown facilities.

The plan is to increase its annual tractor production capacity from 30,000 to 50,000 units in its four North American plants. In addition, the South Korean manufacturer plans to increase parts and supply to more than 300 dealerships in North America.

Serving as the distribution arm of the firm, TYM North America aims to generate $1 billion in revenue within three years and rise to become one of the top companies in the agricultural industry.

The company completed negotiations with the state in May 2022 and expects to begin the factory design work this May. The goal is to complete the $15-20 million facility by June 2023, a company representative said in 2022. The expansion will include an estimated 150 jobs.

TYM effectively purchased Branson’s parent company Kukje Machinery Company in 2016 and then gained full control by 2021, both TYM-USA and Branson are North American subsidiaries of Korea-based TYM Group.

The company is one of the top five tractor manufacturers in North America with a total manufacturing market share of more than 10% in the North American tractor market under 100HP.

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