Floyd County Election Results

November 8th, 2022 – 11:00 PM

WRGA Staff Reports –

Floyd County’s elections results were in by 9:12 p.m last night:

Toni Blanchard won the seat for the Rome School Board race:

Blanchard received 4,715 votes (52.82 %)

Jenny Carpenter received 1,842 votes (20.64  %)

Ronnie D. Roach received 1,197 votes (13.41 %)

Douglas Whatley, Jr. received 1,172 votes (13.13 %)

The Floyd County Sunday Alcohol Sales Referredum passed as it received 20,197 “YES” votes  (65.05 %), while only 10,853 voted “NO” (34.95 %). The referendum will allow licensed outlets to sell beer and wine on Sundays between 11 AM and midnight.

As of 10:50 PM on Tuesday night (the time of this report), US House District 14 Incumbent Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene received 151,834 votes (66.29% of the vote) to surpass Democrat challenger Marcus Flowers who had 77,219 (33.71% of the vote).

(In Floyd County) US Senate republican candidate Herschel Junior Walker received 21,885 votes (68.75%), and Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock received 9,133 votes (28.69%).

(In Floyd County) The Governor’s race saw Incumbent republican Governor Brian Kemp with 23,892 votes (74.63%), and democrat challenger Stacey Abrams with 7,831 votes (24.46%).

***11:47 PM Update: According to a report by WSBTV, Stacey Abrams conceded to incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp in a phone call at 11:04 PM.

For more information on the state-wide ballot, please see the link presented down below:


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