Greg Patton passes Gavel to GHC Board member Randy Quick

October 5th, 2022 – 4:50 PM

GHC Press Release –

Randy Quick received the gavel from Greg Patton during a recent Georgia Highlands College Foundation Board meeting.  

Patton, the owner of Patton Financial Associates in Cartersville, was the previous Board Chair and Treasurer.  

Quick, who also serves as Ward Two Commissioner for the City of Rome, will serve as GHC Foundation Board Chair and Treasurer during the 2022-2023 fiscal year. He said he looks forward to helping further cement GHC as the” best value for higher education in the region.” 

“We’re growing, we’re moving forward, and we are in a very strong campaign right now to increase the identity of exactly everything Georgia Highlands has to offer,” Quick said. “We want to make sure people know and can see what opportunities are available to them as they graduate from high school.” 

He said what keeps him serving on the board year after year is seeing the value GHC has to offer young people in the community. 

“It’s great to see students graduating from GHC, and it’s great to see high school students doing Dual Enrollment and graduating from high school with a jump start to their college education,” Quick said. 

He said some of his greatest accomplishments thus far with the board have been working to develop and establish targeted scholarships to help students. 

“Some of the scholarship opportunities we have been able to offer for students who were at risk of not being able to continue their education, we’ve been able to take that threat away and give them the opportunity to succeed,” Quick said. 

Quick is a partner and General Manager of Rome Radio Partners, LLC. He is a past chair for the Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce and the Rome Floyd Economic Development Authority as well as a past president of numerous organizations, including the Rotary Club of Rome, Paul Harris and Will Watt Fellowships and Salvation Army Advisory Board. 

Patton will continue to serve on the GHC Foundation Board, driven by his commitment to college-level, local, quality education that graduates talented students to meet the workforce demands of Northwest Georgia. 

“I’ve always been involved in education in the community and have been honored to ask to serve on this board when the Cartersville campus located on Highway 20 was to come online,” Patton said. 

Patton, an alumnus of then Floyd Jr. College, worked to help establish a foundation in Cartersville prior to the development of the GHC Foundation.  

“I’m very proud of my education at Floyd Jr. College, and if it weren’t for them, I probably wouldn’t have continued my college education at that time,” Patton said. “They helped me establish a path toward higher education.”  

Patton said he is positive about the future of the GHC Foundation and college. 

“I’m excited about the organization and the momentum with bringing in President Mike Hobbs and forming that relationship with him and taking the Foundation to the next level,” Patton said. “We have always moved in a froward motion and based on where we are now – which is great — I’d like to see it continue.” 

Patton is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC) who has worked in banking and finance in Northwest Georgia over the past two decades. He holds degrees from GHC (then Floyd College) and Georgia State University, as well as diplomas from The University of Georgia’s Georgia Banking School and Louisiana State University Graduate School of Banking. 

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