Calhoun Police honor Middle School Assistant Principal for stopping attempted Kidnapping

September 28th, 2022 – 4:00 PM

From the Calhoun Times:

According to a report from the Calhoun Times, Calhoun Chief of Police Tony Pyle and the Calhoun City Schools Board of Education honored Calhoun Middle School assistant principal Misty Lewis with a certificate for heroic actions and a junior police officer badge for thwarting an attempted kidnapping.

According to CPD reports, on Aug. 15, a 16-year-old boy was walking home after missing the bus when a Black man with short hair driving a compact car with a Florida plate stopped and asked if he needed a ride home. The driver pressured him to get into the car until the boy did, entering the back seat of the vehicle. Lewis recognized the child, pulled in behind the vehicle, and blew her horn.

She then asked the driver what he was doing with the boy in his car. The driver did not answer, and she eventually got the child out of the car and into hers. Pyle went on to say that there was a nationwide bulletin put out concerning the suspect, but that he has essentially disappeared. The investigation remains open because of the incident.

****To read the full report please go to the Calhoun Times story linked down below:

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