Flooding reported in Summerville, Trion areas

September 4, 2022–2:45 p.m.


Chattooga County got the worst of the heavy rains that came through the area Sunday morning. With major flooding reported in Downtown Summerville.

The area around the jail and the courthouse flooded causing.

Workers cut the power to the Judge Jon Payne Courthouse Annex behind the main courthouse building to avoid any electrical issues as water entered the building.

The sheriff’s office also conducted evacuations in the Fields Walk Mobile Home Park in Summerville due to flooding.

The City of Summerville has issued a BOIL WATER order for Summerville water customers.  This will include Menlo Water customers at this time as well since Menlo is being supplied by the City of Summerville Water Department.  Boil water before using until further notice.

In Trion, there were reports of submerged cars and evacuations.

Mayor Lanny Thomas stated they were having problems with sightseers to the point where the police department announced it was going to start issuing citations to cars driving the roadways that do not live in the town limits.

Below are photos and videos submitted to WZQZ Radio in Summerville and shared on their Facebook page.

Photos of Ingles grocery store submitted by an employee
Behind the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office
Downtown Summerville

Above is a video from the Williams Road area

Above is a video at Jerry’s Drive In

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