Rome ACC votes in favor of a Suspension for “Peaches”

August 23rd, 2022 – 5:45 AM

Staff Reports –

On Monday night the Rome Alcohol Control Commission (ACC) met in the Sam King Room to hold a hearing for the consideration of an ACC recommended penalty, a license suspension, for the “Peaches” establishment located on 325 Broad Street.

This comes after a large fight took place at the bar establishment on July 30th that multiple Rome Police Officers had to respond to due to the size and severity of the incident. 

The Rome Alcohol Control Commission initially recommended a 2-week suspension of Peaches’ license, and the vote failed by a 5 to 2 vote. 

Another motion was then made by Craig McDaniel for a 4-week suspension that included that the owner of Peaches has a mandatory meeting with the Rome Police Department to discuss and plan out security for the future. 

Randy Quick seconded the motion stating, “Our role is to enhance our community. To make sure that the message coming out of our community is one of safety and welcoming. In light of all the businesses that serve this community downtown, we need to make a strong statement tonight.”

The vote for the 4-week suspension was unanimously approved by the ACC.

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