Christmas Star raising Ceremony to change in Lindale this Year due to Safety Concerns

August 22nd, 2022 – 10:00 AM

Press Release –

(Photo by Ethan Garrett of WRGA)

The following is a message from Restoration Lindale regarding the tradition of the Lindale Mill’s raising the Star Christmas ceremony:

“Just this past week Restoration Lindale, Inc. and the “Star Crew” discussed the safety with raising the Star for this Christmas season. The Lindale Stacks are 127 years old and haven’t had any extensive maintenance since 1986. With the thought of a falling brick, etc., Safety is and has always been in the back of our mind for the past 9 years we have raised our newly constructed aluminum Star built-in 2013. Last year we celebrated the star’s 90th-year tradition between the stacks. 

 With mutual agreements on both Restoration Lindale, Inc., mill owner, and the Star Crew we feel due to these safety concerns we will not be hanging the Star back at the mill. Restoration Lindale, Inc. will be looking at other options to hang the Star in the future. 

 We will continue to host our Annual Lindale Christmas Parade and Festival. And though this is sad news for all of us we ask that the community understand the safety concerns we have. 

We will have fundraising opportunities soon to help relocate the Star to a permanent Lindale location. 

Christmas in Lindale 2022 schedule will post soon.”

WRGA Staff Report:

At last year’s event, the President of Restoration LindaleTim Reynolds, spoke with us about how 2021 marked the 90th year that the Lindale Mill star has lit the night sky during the holidays.

***WRGA covered that event in the video article linked below:

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