[VIDEO] Bus Safety Spotlight

August 9, 2022 — 10:33 am

Olivia West

As schools reopen, motorists face additional traffic issues.

Not only do they need to brace themselves for back-to-school traffic, but they also need to be mindful of speed limits in school zones and other safety laws, including not passing stopped school buses.

If you are driving behind a school bus, allow a greater following distance than if you were driving behind a car.

It will give you more time to stop once the yellow lights start flashing.

It is illegal in all 50 states to pass a school bus that is stopped with its lights flashing and stop sign out.

Never pass a school bus from behind or from either direction if you’re on an undivided road and the bus has stopped.

If the red lights are flashing and the stop arm is extended, traffic must stop.                             

Yellow caution lights flashing on a school bus are like the ones at an intersection, meaning if you can stop, then you should.

The area 10 feet around a school bus is the most dangerous for children. Stop far enough back to allow them space to safely enter and exit the bus.

And as always, obey the posted speed limit and refrain from distractive driving.

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