Infant dies in Cartersville wreck Sunday

August 1, 2022–10:23 a.m.


An accident that shut down all lanes on U.S. 411 near Industrial Park Road on Sunday was fatal.

At 06:26, Georgia State Patrol troopers went to a 5-car collision. A preliminary report states that a grey Dodge Avenger was traveling south beyond Industrial Park Road in Cartersville. Four vehicles were traveling north on U.S. 411, approaching the Avenger.

The driver of the Avenger lost control, and the car entered the northbound lanes. It struck a Nissan Versa on the left side with its front, and the impact rotated the Avenger into the path of a Chevrolet Silverado. The Silverado struck the left side of the Avenger with its front. The impact caused the Silverado to hit the left side of a Kia Sorento with its right side. The Silverado continued rotating counterclockwise and came to an uncontrolled rest on the east shoulder of U.S. 411. A Chevrolet Trailblazer could not avoid striking the Silverado and hit it on the left side with its front.

The driver of the Avenger and its two passengers were not properly restrained. One of the passengers was an infant who sustained fatality injuries. The Georgia State Patrols Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team is investigating the crash.

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