New transport offers better service for babies, parents

July 28, 2022–7:25 p.m.


More tiny infants who need lifesaving care can now be brought quickly to Floyd Medical Center, thanks to Atrium Health Floyd’snewNeonatal Intensive Care Transport.

The specially equipped ambulance is designed for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) patients. The new vehicle can transport twins or a baby and the mother and additional family members. The previous unit only had space for medical caregivers and one infant.

“This is another example of leading-edge care provided by Floyd Emergency Medical Services,” said Bud Owens, director of Floyd EMS. “This new one-of-a-kind ambulance is capable of providing high-level mobile intensive care transport. This allows Atrium Health Floyd’s Level III NICU services to extend throughout northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama.”

Atrium Health Floyd’s Neonatal Transport Team is available 24/7. The team includes a neonatologist, neonatal nurse practitioners (NNPs), registered nurses, respiratory therapists, and EMS personnel, all specifically trained in the care of high-risk infants.

“These babies are our tiniest patients, and many of them are in need of long-term care. The Neonatal Intensive Care Transport helps us provide expert care for them before they even arrive,” said Konda Dizon, clinical manager of the NICU at Floyd Medical Center.

The Neonatal Transport Team can call the neonatologist at Floyd Medical Center and provide an update before transporting. A member of the team will also speak with family members.

The unit is optimized for any babies with the following conditions:

• Prematurity

• Respiratory distress

• Significant birth complications

• Suspected infection

• Neonatal seizures

• Low birth weight

“The unit is equipped to provide the highest quality of care to infants while they are en route to our NICU,” said Dr. Bridgette M. Dingle, a neonatologist at Atrium Health Floyd. “I would like to thank the Spirit Committee, Floyd Healthcare Foundation, and everyone who donated to make this possible for infants and their families in the surrounding areas.”

Almost all of the $390,000 to purchase the Neonatal Intensive Care Transport for EMS was provided by SPIRIT donations. SPIRIT is the employee-focused arm of Floyd Healthcare Foundation. Funds were also provided by the public to the Foundation.

“The Foundation has always responded with support when important upgrades have been needed at Floyd Medical Center,” said Cassidy Carter, development officer with the Foundation. “The generosity of our teammates at Atrium Health Floyd played a big role in making this happen.”

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