Floyd County Commission lowers millage rate

July 27, 2022–5:45 p.m.


The Floyd County Commission voted Tuesday night to lower the millage rate.

The 2022 county maintenance and operations rate will be 0.26 mills lower than the current rate of 9.678.

That represents a 50% rollback.

“This commission has lowered the millage rate five out of the last six years,” said Commissioner Scotty Hancock during Tuesday’s meeting.  “I want to continue to do that this year, so I want to make a motion that we lower the millage rate to 9.414, and we leave the fire tax at 1.650 and the solid waste tax at 0.656.

Also Tuesday, the commission approved a resolution calling for a referendum to regulate Sunday sales of package and on-premises alcoholic beverages between the hours of 11:00 am and midnight.

“This to match the city, which already has a resolution in place,” said Commission chair Wright Bagby.

Commissioner Larry Maxey was the only commissioner to vote “No” on the resolution.

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