City commission approves rezoning for North Rome housing development

July 26, 2022–11:00 a.m.


The Rome City Commission has approved a rezoning request for a new residential development in North Rome.

The applicant is planning a neighborhood of 140 single-family detached homes for the property near the North Point subdivision and the Crestwood subdivision, which is currently under construction off Highway 53.

“We feel like the success of the project that we are currently doing at Crestwood indicates that we would have the same success with Sheffield, which would be the name of this community,” said Walt Busby with KC Homes.  “We feel like it’s a good project, that North Rome needs the houses, and we feel will have success selling.”

Some nearby residents, like Sam Evans, spoke against the rezoning.

“Our concerns are the same as they have been before,” he said.  “Infrastructure.  Roads, roads, roads.

Jane Slickman relayed her concerns about the North Broad Extension.

“We feel a little bit like the hold in the donut,” she said.  “We are going to be surrounded by new housing, and that’s great.  But, unless something is done to work on those roads, both the one coming in and the one going out, we are going to have some problems.”

Busby said he agreed with many of those who spoke.

“We do believe the road needs to be widened,” he said.  “We’ve had discussions with the city engineering department and some of the commissioners as well, seeking help in doing that.”

Again, the rezoning request was approved.

Location of Sheffield development

Commissioners also approved a request for two new duplexes on Lyons Drive but tabled a special use permit to convert the Comfort Inn & Suites on Chateau Drive into micro apartments, pending more discussion.

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