River District water and sewer upgrades continue

July 7, 2022–10:23 a.m.


City of Rome Water and Sewer crews continue their work to upgrade the water main service along West Third Street and North 5th Avenue.

The work will improve the water flow needed for some exciting new developments in the River District, according to Rome City Manager Sammy Rich.

“Everyone has been asking, and is excited about the new streetscape,” he said.  All the things that are happening now are prior to that new streetscape.  We’ve got Pond and Co. working on the engineering for our construction drawings.  Once we have those, we will be able to put that project out to bid, and that’s when we’re going to have some really exciting stuff to see along 5th and 3rd.”

When talking about the streetscape, Rich said that nice, wide decorative sidewalks are envisioned along with street furniture, benches, and decorative street lamps.

“We will be working with Georgia Power to get rid of some of the overheard utilities and placing them underground, and have some landscaping installed” he added.  “All the things that when somebody goes and visits a cool place and you’re walking downtown, similar to how Broad Street is, there is something about that.  It makes it walkable, and sometimes people can’t explain it, but when you stop and think about it, it’s the little touches that make a big difference.”

In addition, new housing is being developed adjacent to the Marriott.

“We’ve got CRE Impact, and they are going to work to start demolition on their private construction,” Rich said.  “We’ve got the opportunity to see 250, plus or minus, residential units.  So, you will have a mixed-use development over there.”

Rich said the current water and sewer upgrades are on track to be finished in September.

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