Report: Woman kicked, bit and spit on law enforcement officers

June 21, 2022–5:17 p.m.


A 21-year-old Rome woman is facing multiple charges after fighting with police officers in a parking lot on Turner McCall Boulevard Monday.

According to Floyd County Jail records, Madison Alyce Crider grabbed the officers as they were attempting to put her in the back of a patrol vehicle.

She then kicked and pushed back out of the unit.

Once police got her back in, Crider ripped off the paneling in the vehicle.

She also kicked one officer’s body pack, causing it to break when it hit the ground.

She also spit on and bit officers.

Once at the jail, Crider charged at officers in an aggressive manner.

Crider is charged with simple assault, battery, simple battery against a law enforcement officer, felony and misdemeanor counts of obstruction, disorderly conduct, and interference with government property.

She was also charged with robbery for snatching an officer’s watch and aggravated stalking for being at the scene with a man who she was supposed to have no contact with due to a conditional bond in Bartow County.

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