Blood Assurance seeking Donors on World Blood Donor Day

June 10th, 2022 – 11:50 AM

Blood Assurance –

As Blood Assurance phlebotomists draw blood on Tuesday, June 14, their donors will get to decide which top box office draw they want to see, thanks to a complimentary movie ticket.

To celebrate World Blood Donor Day, Blood Assurance donors will be given a gift certificate from a movie ticketing company, Fandango. Additionally, they will receive a Top Gun-themed blood donor t-shirt, in celebration of the film’s theatrical release. The promotion applies to all brick-and-mortar donation centers and mobile blood drives, while supplies last.

Every year on June 14, countries around the world celebrates World Blood Donor Day. The event started
in 2005 and is spearheaded by the World Health Organization. It serves to raise awareness of the need
for safe blood and blood products and to thank voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors for their life-
saving gifts of blood. Mexico is the host country for 2022 and the theme is “Donating blood is an act of
solidarity. Join the effort and save lives.”

“World Blood Donor Day is an opportunity to thank our many local donors who selflessly help save lives
and encourage more people to start their own donation journey,” said J.B. Gaskins, CEO of Blood
Assurance. “This is a critical time for our blood supply. The need for blood products continues, but the
pace of donations traditionally slows during the summer months. World Blood Donor Day is the perfect
opportunity to make an appointment to donate blood.”

Donors can visit, call 800-962-0628, or text BAGIVE to 999777, to
find the nearest location to donate and schedule their appointment.

To be eligible to donate blood, you must be at least 17 years old (16 years old with parental consent),
weigh 110 pounds or more, and be in good health. Donors are asked to drink plenty of fluids — avoiding
caffeine — and eat a meal that is rich in iron prior to donating.

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