Joint services committee discusses local sales taxes, Banty Jones “sprayground”

June 7, 2022–2:26 p.m.


Negotiations are expected to start soon regarding how local sales tax revenues will be divided up between the City of Rome, Floyd County, and Cave Spring.

The matter was discussed during Tuesday’s Joint Services Committee meeting.

A letter will be sent to the Department of Revenue by July 1, and negotiations can begin.

After 60 days, if there is no agreement, the matter goes to arbitration.

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, it was announced that bids are set to be opened this Thursday for a “sprayground” for Banty Jones Park,

“We will see what we get, but we’re excited about the opportunity to roll out a new feature for that park,” said Rome City Manager Sammy Rich.  “Banty Jones is an excellent park and this is a chance to make an investment in that park.  Our friends and partners with the housing authority have worked really hard and have some really big redevelopment plans for that area.  So, the splash pad/sprayground will just be one of those steps as we look to improve that park.”

Also during the meeting, County Manager Jamie McCord announced that a ribbon-cutting for the Redmond Trail project will be held on June 30.

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