Stephens speaks after declining Floyd elections job

April 7, 2022–8:04 p.m.


James Stephens was set to start his new job as the Floyd County Elections Supervisor on Thursday.

However, after a change of heart, he decided to remain as the city manager in Euharlee.

On Tuesday, he sent a letter to the city council, saying he wanted to stay.

WBHF Radio in Cartersville spoke to Stephens, who said the decision to decline the elections job was made over the course of the previous day.

“I had breakfast with a couple of elected officials, he said. I was thinking about the vision for the future, the mayor, and the support the council has given me, and it just got on my heart that I wasn’t completed with my task here in Euharlee.  Then, it all actually came together.”

In addition to approving Stephens’ request to rescind his resignation, the Euharlee City Council also offered him a contract through 2025, which he accepted.

“I’m grateful to the city council for allowing me to continue to work in Euharlee,” Stephens said.  “The future is bright.  The current mayor has a very strong vision for keeping the quality of life high in Euharlee while generating revenue to be able to keep the millage rate ideally at zero.  I’m glad to be a part of that future plan.”

A press release from Floyd County on Wednesday announced that Pete McDonald will take on the role of sole interim Elections Supervisor. 

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