Grant covers tuition costs for students in high demand career fields

April 4, 2022–10:16 a.m.


Students who wish to pursue one of Georgia’s high-demand careers may be eligible for a grant to pay 100% of tuition costs for select in-demand technical certificate and diploma programs at Georgia Northwestern Technical College (GNTC).

HOPE Career Grant programs of study fall in the aviation, business, health, public service, and industrial categories.

Criminal Justice and Basic Law Enforcement will soon be added to the list of high-demand careers eligible for the grant.

To be eligible for the HOPE Career Grant, students must first qualify for and be receiving the HOPE Grant. The two grants together will cover tuition.

“The HOPE Career Grant program continues to provide much needed financial relief to a growing number of students who are better able to complete their programs of study with little to no school-related debt,” GNTC Vice President of Student Affairs Stuart Phillips said.

Eight hundred thirty-nine students have taken advantage of the grant program in spring 2022, and 1,334 have done so this academic year, Phillips said.

In the previous three years, 4,718 students utilized the program to cover their tuition costs: 1,789 students in the academic year 2021; 1,665 students in the academic year 2020; and 1,264 students in the academic year 2019.

Students must meet HOPE Career Grant eligibility requirements and pay the remaining costs of college fees, books, and materials each semester.

For a full list of HOPE Career Grant programs of study offered by GNTC, click HERE.

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