13 apply for vacant Rome City School Board seat

March 23, 2022–8:34 a.m.


Rome City Schools’ Board of Education called a special Board meeting on March 22, 2022, to address an interview schedule as they continue the search for a replacement board member.

The Board will meet to review applicants and set up an interview schedule for Friday, March 25, 2022. Thirteen applicants applied for the position:

– Antonia LaShun Blanchard

– Joseph J. Costolnick

– Moises Delgado

– Debra D. Hall

– Erin A. Hernandez

– Victor Hixon

– Mandy Maloney

– Tracy D. McDew

– Vincent J. Mendes

– Ronnie D. Roach

– Virginia “Ginger” Green Rowston

– Chris Tilley

– Erica M. Paez Zapata

Current Board members agreed to allow all 13 candidates who applied to interview. The candidates will be interviewed on Friday, March 25, 2022, at the Central Office Board Room starting at 8 a.m. Board members will allow 15 minutes for the interview process. From these 13 candidates, the Board will choose a shortlist of applicants for consideration.

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