Pepperell Middle principal thanks Floyd County Police for support

March 17, 2022–10:52 a.m.


The principal at Pepperell Middle School is thanking Officer Jim McCormick and Floyd County Police for their support at Pepperell Middle School over the last several days.

What appeared to be a threat, posted in a comment on a Tik Tok video last week led to an increased police presence at the school.

Rick Flanagan, Chief Safety Officer for the Floyd County Schools read the email from Principal Becky McCoy during Friday’s Floyd County Public Safety Committee meeting.

“Their diligence to the task-at-hand was above reproach,” Flanagan read.  “Their concern for the safety of our Pepperell Middle School kids was their first priority.  Thankfully, we have reached some conclusions with the social media frenzy, but they will continue to monitor the events.”

Superintendent Dr. Glenn White told the Rome News-Tribune that there has been no evidence found of a viable threat.

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