Gas prices skyrocket, a little relief may be on the way

March 9, 2022–8:19 p.m.


As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, crude prices soar, leading to higher pump prices in the U.S. with Georgia gas prices surpassing the 4-dollar a gallon mark.

The state average as of Wednesday afternoon was $4.17.

That’s up from $3.88 at the beginning of the week.

Local averages, according to AAA, are $4.09 in Floyd County, $4.16 in Gordon County, $4.17 in Bartow County, $4.12 in Chattooga County, and $4.15 in Polk County.

Governor Brian Kemp announced earlier this week he is calling for legislation that will temporarily suspend the state’s motor fuel tax, which will save you about 29-cents a gallon.

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