Man charged with insurance fraud

March 8, 2022–8:27 p.m.


A 61-year old Rome man is accused of being part of a conspiracy to stage an automobile crash in order to collect insurance.

According to Floyd County Jail records, the wreck was set up to occur between the U-Haul, driven by one man, and another vehicle driven by Marshall Joseph Alexandria Jr. on Maple Avenue at East 14th Street.

After the vehicles crashed into one another, the U-Hail then struck a power pole, damaging it, and causing residents in the area to lose electricity.

Police were told that a woman was the driver of the U-Haul while it was actually a man, and a woman in Alexandria’s vehicle claimed injuries.

Alexandria is charged with insurance fraud, false statements and writings, 1st-degree criminal damage to property, false report of a crime, and reckless conduct.

He was also charged with terroristic threats and acts after threatening to kill a woman as she was speaking to 911.

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