Despite the danger, the Salvation Army in Ukraine helping those impacted by war

March 3, 2022–9:00 a.m.


As the crisis in Ukraine continues, the Salvation Army is providing hot meals and other relief to those who have been internally displaced by the fighting.

Captain Paula Blevins with the Salvation Army of Rome said there are several Salvation Army churches in Ukraine.

“We are able to get updates from them,” she said.  “The most recent update included pictures of the officers serving there and saying to please continue to pray for these church locations in Ukraine.  They are doing well, and they are helping to meet the needs of the people who have moved from the area of danger into another area.”

Captain Blevins said as Salvation Army officers, they will want to stay there as long as they can and help as many people as they can.

“I know that their headquarters will not want them to be in harm’s way,” she added.  “They will do everything they can to keep them safe.”

Captain Blevins said that the war relief is similar to what the Salvation Army does following a natural disaster with one exception.

“It’s very difficult, actually impossible, for other Salvation Army locations to go there to assist,” she said.  “They are sort of on their own to do what needs to be done, but again, getting direction from their headquarters.”

Salvation Army response to the Russia / Ukraine crisis:

The Salvation Army is an international movement with a faith-based mission to embrace all people, treat them with dignity, and believes no one should be defined by their challenges or circumstances. Because The Salvation Army is already meeting needs in more than 130 countries around the globe, we are able to respond and serve immediately in times of need. Our faith in God transcends borders and we service those in this humanitarian crisis with compassion and without discrimination or prejudice.

How is The Salvation Army serving during the Russia-Ukraine Crisis?

Where it is safe to serve, The Salvation Army officers have pivoted programs to provide food, clothes, blankets, and emotional and spiritual care to those who have been displaced from their homes and are seeking refuge.

·       Ukraine: In various locations across Ukraine The Salvation Army is responding to the needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs), especially in Lviv and other border cities to Poland, by providing relief (sandwiches, hot meals, hot drinks, drinking water and other food and non-food items). 

·       Romania: The Salvation Army in Romania has formed an emergency team along with other organizations and has been able to assist a large flow of Ukrainian refugees at Siret Ferry. Another team will begin efforts at the Isacca border. A mother with 2 children was able to arrive safely in Budapest. Her route was Moldova-Romania-Hungary to get to Germany, all by way of The Salvation Army network.

·       Moldova: The Salvation Army in Moldova provides free assistance to refugees from Ukraine including temporary accommodation, hot meals and drinks, access to Wi-Fi and other relief parcels. Salvation Army facilities are being used to facilitate temporary accommodations for refugees. A local corps turned a children’s Sunday School classroom into a cosy bedroom for a family with four children. 

·       Poland: The Salvation Army is currently preparing relief parcels for Ukrainian refugees coming into the country.

·       Russia: The Salvation Army in Russia responds to the needs of displaced people by providing food, hygiene, and other relief items. To date there are over 60,000 displaced people in the southern part of Russia

·       Slovakia: A plan of action in preparation for accommodation, material needs, and emotional support has been formulated. An emergency response team consisting of representatives from Slovakia and Czech Republic has commenced and will meet on a regular basis.

·       Czech Republic: Czech Republic is already home to some 200,000 Ukrainians and therefore anticipates many refugees who will seek support from family and friends in Czech Republic. The Salvation Army has available capacity in the existing social services in Czech Republic and stand ready to provide support without impacting on the existing client base. 

How can you help? 

You can support The Salvation Army’s efforts through:

Financial Contributions: All donations will directly support efforts on the ground in Ukraine and the surrounding countries providing assistance.

·       Donate online at  or visit and click “help now.”

·       Text the keyword UKRAINE to 52000 along with the amount you would like to contribute.

Prayer and Fasting

·       We ask for your prayers for families impacted, for the many Salvation Army officers and staff who’ve served in the region for years and who are serving affected individuals now.

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