Man accused of impersonating officer had been arrested before

February 24, 2022–5:30 p.m.


On Wednesday, Justin Greene was arrested on charges of the following: impersonating a public officer or employee, an unauthorized vehicle with red/amber lights, willful obstruction, and reckless Conduct.

From the investigation, it was found that Greene had previously been arrested for impersonating a public officer.

If you believe you have come into contact with this individual and he was impersonating a police officer or public officer, please contact the Cartersville Police Department or your local jurisdiction.

Original Cartersville Police Department news release:

On Friday, February 18, 2022, Greene attempted to assist officers on a felony stop but left before he could be identified.

At that stop, Greene presented himself as a “Public Safety Officer,” displayed a replica firearm, and attempted to assist officers in bringing two suspects into custody at gunpoint.

Greene was driving what appeared to be an unmarked police car complete with lights and a siren and was wearing a badge.

Today, officers arrested Greene inside the vehicle and seized a number of items including tactical gear and the replica firearms, and identification closely resembling Georgia Police Credentials.

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