Plans for speed cameras in Armuchee Elementary School zone moving forward

February 21, 2022–8:13 p.m.


Members of the Floyd County Public Safety Committee recently got an update on speed enforcement cameras that are proposed for the Armuchee Elementary School Zone on Highway 27 North.

The board of education has agreed to the plan, and Captain Ron Hunton with the Floyd County Police Department explained what happens now.

“The next thing they will need to do is apply for the application with the Georgia Department of Transportation,” he said.  “Moving forward on our end, we will require the approval of a contract.  There was a question about some signage in the school zone warning motorists.  I’ve reached out to the DOT for some clarification on that, and I’m waiting on an answer.  It’s a state highway, so they set the signage for that.”

Captain Hunton also clarified the enforcement hours.

“It’s an active school zone on any day school is in session,” he said.  “The school zone is active from one hour before the first bell until one hour after the last bell.  The reduced speed limit in that school zone is 45 mph when the lights are flashing.  That’s in both the mornings and afternoons.”

The enforcement limit during those times will be 11 miles per hour over the 45 mph speed limit.

During the times when the speed limit is 55 miles per hour, it would be 14 over.

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