West Rome Store Owner arrested in large theft ring

February 20th, 2022 – 11:05 PM

Press Release –

Investigators are processing evidence and sifting through the stolen retail property that was being traded from a storefront in West Rome. The proprietor of the store has been arrested and is being held in jail without bond for the thefts that extend into several jurisdictions.

The Floyd County Police Department was on-site at West Rome Trading Company for more than 20 hours while investigators sorted and collected evidence from a search warrant that was served Thursday night at the store on Shorter Avenue. Loss prevention officers were also on-site with scanners to confirm and recover property from retailers that include Home Depot, Walmart, Academy Sports, Lowe’s and Dunham’s Sport.

Earl Lamar Renfroe Jr, 42, has been charged with theft by receiving stolen property and conspiracy to commit a theft; both offenses are felonies. The value of the stolen property that has been calculated so far is $87,057, including 84 baseball bats valued at $23,063.

Evidence found at the scene may also include property stolen from burglaries and thefts.
Jeff Jones, commander of the investigative division for FCPD, said there is a “very high probability”
that there is stolen property in the store that was traded for crimes in this area. Items that have been
recovered include tools, cameras, lawn equipment, GPS equipment, televisions, toothbrushes, and
maternity supplies.

The Cartersville Police Department was first to make an arrest outside their Home Depot and contact
the Floyd County Police Department. Evidence obtained from that traffic stop helped investigators track
down property that was stolen from retailers and traded at West Rome Trading Company.
Our local investigators coordinated with loss prevention officers from a variety of retailers, but much
of the stolen property still had stickers and price tags from the locations from where it was stolen. Police
believe property found at West Rome Trading Company was stolen from not only surrounding counties
but also Marietta and Hiram.

The investigation is ongoing but police believe the stolen property was being sold locally from the
storefront and also in online marketplaces. It is likely that crimes occurring at the store stretched to other
locations across state lines.

The recovery of evidence is thanks to assistance from Cartersville Police Department and the Rome-Floyd Metro Task Force.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Floyd County Police Department by calling Sgt.
Jordan Clayton at 706-314-1861 or email [email protected]

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