Elections office move update

February 17, 2022–9:18 a.m.


The move of the Floyd County Elections Office from the county administration building to the health department is getting closer and closer.

Floyd County Facilities Manager Ryan Davis said the upstairs storage area at the health department will be completed by next Tuesday.

“I am taking with my crews and we will begin to move equipment from the secure storage area in the county administration building and the ones we have off-site to that location by next Wednesday,” he said.

While the equipment is being moved, that will give the contractor extra time to finish up some of the downstairs work.

“One of the things that they have had to deal with that had caused a delay the delivery of materials,” Davis said.  “It’s just something we’ve tried to push as quickly as possible but we just couldn’t get the faster than they were available.  We are waiting on flooring and doors.  As soon as those can get installed they then they start doing some finishing work.  Then we will have the downstairs ready.”

Davis gave an update during Wednesday’s Floyd County Public Utilities & Transportation Committee meeting.

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