Floyd County Commission honors soldier officer with proclamation

February 9, 2022–5:48 a.m.


Officer Marcus Roberts was presented with a proclamation from the Floyd County Board of Commissioners Tuesday night in recognition for his service to our community and our country.

He is best known for his infectious personality that promotes good morale at both the Floyd County Police Department and within the Pepperell School district where he works as a school resource officer.

Officer Roberts is a 20-year veteran of the Floyd County Police Department where he has served the Pepperell School district as a school resource officer for 18 years. Staff and administrators describe the officer as a glowing personality that uplifts everyone he encounters.

He is a member of the SWAT team and is an unspoken leader in every capacity of his job. He also brings decades of military experience to his career, which includes seven different deployments since 1997. Officer Roberts departs on Thursday for another deployment that will take him to Kuwait.

In his recent evaluation by the department, school staff describes Officer Roberts as being an “effective buffer” between disgruntled parents and staff during difficult times. He is also a prime ingredient in the overall morale of Pepperell Schools. Officer Roberts is famous for his drummer skills at pep rallies as well as his singing and dance antics that brighten the spirits of students and staff.

“Marcus has a great relationship with the student body,” said Jason Kouns, principal of the Pepperell High School. “He is a great asset to the school. Students often come to him for advice or to talk as a friend.”

Staff members say that Officer Roberts always has a positive disposition and is very effective in his role as SRO. “(He) is very good at shutting down the officer aspect and talking to them person to person and providing advice.”

Officer Roberts is always smiling and walking the halls to interact with students. He is “visibly joyed by interacting with the younger students,” said Brigg Larry from Pepperell Primary School.

School staff and administrators were saddened by the news that he would be absent for a long period of time and worried for his safety on deployment.

Officer Roberts is a graduate of Model High School in 1993. He joined the Army in 1992 and served active duty for four years after high school graduation. Roberts later joined the Army Reserves as a mechanic and then Army National Guard where he has been for 16 years as a military police officer. His rank is sergeant first class. He joined the Floyd County Police Department in February of 2001.

Previous deployments include:

  • Egypt (1997)
  • Kuwait (1998)
  • Kosovo (1999) peace keeping mission
  • Iraq (2008) with Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Korea (2014)
  • Romania (2017)
  • Morocco (2021)

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