Rome City Schools Pre-K registration now open

February 4, 2022–1:15 p.m.


As parents, we can all agree that when it comes to our children, nothing but the best will do. There is no settling, no blind agreement, no decision made that wasn’t thoroughly researched and assessed. Not only do they mean the world to us, but they are, in fact, the future of it.

As an educational system, the faculty, staff and administrators of Rome City Schools happily take on the privilege and the challenge of making sure that the absolute best foundation possible is built for all of our students, so that they may transition, smoothly and successfully, through their academic years, and beyond.

The RCS Pre-K program begins building that foundation early on; introducing young ones to the educational system by doing what they love the most, having fun!

Registration for the Pre-K program is open now, to little ones who turned four years old on or before September first of the year in which the student begins the program.

It’s important to note that the program is funded by the Georgia Lottery, making the program a significant service that RCS offers at no cost to parents.

Five of the six RCS elementary schools offer a Pre-K program including; Anna K. Davie, Elm Street, Main, West Central and West End Elementary.

“Pre-K is a tremendous opportunity for kids,” explained Director of RCS Pre-K, Scott Crabbe. “They are able to still be kids in class, but they’re learning through exploration, through play, music, dance and of course through lots of literacy.”

A whole new world of exploration and activity is opened; building enthusiasm, curiosity and persistence toward learning.

The Pre-K experience builds skills in literacy, science, social studies, math and more.

Within each subject introduced, there are abundant opportunities to play, explore and experience new knowledge. While the kids are in a constant state of discovery and enjoyment, they are learning, oftentimes, without even realizing it.

Crabbe explained that the program greatly contributes to a child’s social and emotional development as well.

“Although they are learning through fun activities,” he said, “they’re learning how to interact with each other in a larger group than they may be used to, and within the structure of a classroom. That will be important for them for Kindergarten as they go forward.”

Crabbe affirmed that the RCS Pre-K program sets itself apart by its dedicated educators and above-average opportunities.

“We’ve got outstanding teachers who truly love these kids and are committed to them. It all starts with the teachers. They do an amazing job and we’re very proud of them.”

“Rome City Schools is an outstanding system,” he continued. “We love for kids to get a start with our Pre-K program. As students move up from grade level to grade level, from elementary to middle to high, the variety of opportunities that will be available to them, preparing them as they go forward, is just phenomenal.”

Parents and caregivers need only to visit their nearest elementary school to pick up a registration packet or call 706-236-5050 for information on their RCS attendance zone.

For more information on the RCS Pre-K program, visit

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