Black ice possible overnight and into Monday

January 16, 2022–4:24 p.m.


Snow showers and bands of moderate snow will continue through the remainder of the afternoon Sunday for much of North and Central Georgia.

Snow will taper off in most areas this evening with only the mountain counties of North and Northeast GA experiencing any lingering snow showers into the late evening. Northwest winds will pick up this evening and temperatures are expected to fall into

the upper 20s across a large portion of North and West Georgia.

Any wet or slushy roads from snow and melted snow will have an opportunity to refreeze overnight tonight as temperatures drop well below freezing resulting in some hazardous driving conditions tonight into early Monday morning….particularly on elevated surfaces such as bridges and overpasses.

Temperatures are forecast to rise above freezing by late morning

Monday with the exception of the northeast GA mountain counties where temperatures are expected to remain below freezing all day Monday. However….clouds and mostly cloudy skies may inhibit sunshine aiding in the melting of ice on roadways during the morning hours across North Georgia.

Stay up to date on road conditions from your local county or city officials, the Georgia Department of Transportation, or preferred media outlets for continued updates on travel conditions.

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