County Commission holds public hearing regarding budget

December 6, 2021–6:47 p.m.


No one spoke during a public hearing regarding the proposed Floyd County budget for the Fiscal Year 2022 Monday morning.

According to County Manager Jamie McCord, most revenues are up.

“Property tax for the current year is up, along with prior year taxes,” he said.  “The only thing that was really down was the motor vehicle and that is being replaced with TATV (Title Ad Valorem Tax).  Some of our intergovernmental revenue is down, just based on the previous year’s collections.  Charges for service, as a whole, are down slightly.  Fines and forfeitures are down.  Again, this is based on the 2021 annualized.  We do have some improvements with our jail and prison phone commissions, as well as hotel-motel and the transfer from the insurance.”  

On the expenditure side, there is a 2.2 million dollar increase for salaries.

“We do have a pay plan in place,” McCord said.  “This will vary between $1,200 and $3,900 in increases in salaries as well as starting pay.  The work comp is actually down a little bit, based on the 2021 annualized.  Health insurance funding, we are still struggling with claims, although this is a little below our projections from 2021.  So, we have seen some improvement this year.”

There are also some new positions being created.

“We do have an organizational change in facilities management,” McCord added.  “That would be one position that we have added.  We have also got a veterinarian at animal control, as well as a vet tech.  I know that we’ve tried to focus on doing a better job with spaying and neutering our animals.  It should be offset with some savings from having to send our animals out.”

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