COVID-19 cases appear to be declining

September 19, 2021–2:44 p.m.


Have we seen the worst of the Delta variant surge?

Dr. Gary Voccio, health director for the Georgia Department of Public Health Northwest District said it appears as though the rate of new COVID-19 cases has slowed a bit.

“Hospitalizations seem to be declining a bit, except for children between the ages of newborn and 17,” he said.  “They are the only age group that is increasing in hospitalizations, unfortunately.  That is because, even though they are eligible, they are not getting vaccinated.”

Although we are seeing declines in cases, the testing positivity rate in Northwest Georgia remains extremely high.

“It’s ranging anywhere from 25 to 40% in most of our counties,” Dr. Voccio said.  “However, this means that we’re probably not doing a lot of testing.  We are doing testing at three sites in Northwest Georgia, as you will remember.”

As of Saturday, there were 78 COVID-19 patients at Floyd, which is down from 131 on September 8.

There were also 60 patients on critical respiratory care on September 8.

That was down to 35 on Saturday.

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