Rome City School System enrollment numbers up

August 11, 2021–9:00 p.m.


The Rome City School System continues to grow.

Enrollment numbers as of Tuesday show 6,205 students, which is up from 6,177 in 2019.

That number is up drastically from 5,497 in 2020.

However, enrollment was lower last year due to the pandemic, according to Superintendent Louis Byars.

“We’ve seen significant growth at West End Elementary School, where we’ve gone from 795 two years ago to 883 students,” he said.  “We have seen a drop in our middle school enrollment.  That was anticipated because we had a smaller 6th-grade class coming into the 7th grade and a large 8th-grade class coming to the high school.  Some of the elementary school numbers are also going to be a little lower because we have a good number of virtual learning students.  Right now, it is 91 and we anticipate that to grow.”

These numbers only reflect those who have shown up for school as of Tuesday.

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