Three arrested for purse snatching in Calhoun

June 16, 2021–5:34 p.m.


Three people have been charged with robbery after snatching a woman’s purse in the parking lot of the Calhoun Walmart Tuesday.

According to the Calhoun Police report, the victim said she turned around to put groceries in her vehicle when 25-year old Sean Xavier White of Dalton grabbed the purse out of the shopping cart and got into a Ford Edge.

The purse contained a folding wallet with the victim’s cell phone, car keys, house keys, debit card, and driver’s license along with her daughter’s Social Security number, and a money order.

The suspects were seen on video a short time later at Kroger using the debit card

Their attempt to cash the money order was unsuccessful.

Authorities were able to track the victim’s cell phone and White, 25-year old Jessica Anne Duglonski of Dalton, and 42-year old Rachel Marie Hyde of Calhoun were taken into custody on Newtown Loop.

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