Floyd County High Schools Place at Region Literary Meets, Six Move onto State Competition

April 21st, 2021 – 12:15 PM

Floyd County Schools Press Release –

(Students advancing to State pictured in order of results: Top row left to right: Ethan McGhee, Caleb Hammond, and Kirsten deYoung, Bottom row left to right: Hayden Robinson, Carter Nelson, and Trisha Dobson)


Floyd County high school students strongly represented their schools and district at the Georgia High School Association’s 6A-Public and 7-AA Region Meets for Literary Teams.

In their respective regions, Pepperell High placed first runner-up, Armuchee High and Model High placed second runner-up, and six students earned first-place!

The first-place winner from every region in each Literary event qualifies for the State Meet. They will travel to Georgia Military College on April 24th for the state competition. Click HERE for the schedule.

Here are the results by school:

Armuchee High:

Coach: Candace Hammond

Results: 3rd Overall Region 6A-Public

1st in Rhetorical Essay: Ethan McGhee*

1st in Argumentative Essay: Caleb Hammond*

1st in Dramatic Interpretation: Kirsten deYoung*

2nd in Humorous Interpretation: Aidan Mowery

Coosa High:

Coaches: Chris Parker and Stacy Dean

Results: 7th Overall Region 7-AA

3rd in Boys Solo: Zachary Wright

3rd in Girls Trio: Shania McConnell, Chloe Vann, and Emily Lucas

Model High:

Coaches: Rachel Jones and Lacey Lionetti

Results: 3rd Overall Region 7-AA

1st in Argumentative Essay: Hayden Robinson*

2nd in Personal Essay: Alexia Fowler

2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking Domestic: Ashton Fox

2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking International: Deyvis Reader

2nd in Duo Interpretation: Luke Naddy and Briggs Poyner

3rd in Dramatic Interpretation: Paige Nix

3rd in Humorous Interpretation: Emma Couch

Pepperell High:

Coach: Kayla Bowman

Results: 2nd overall Region 7-AA

1st in Boys Solo: Carter Nelson*

1st in Girls Solo: Trisha Dobson*

2nd in Dramatic Monologue: Zoe Williams

2nd in Comedic Monologue: Anna Nails

2nd in Rhetorical Essay: Kaitlyn Morgan

2nd in Girls Trio: Trisha Dobson, Amber Smith, and Gracie Hutcheson

2nd in Boys Quartet: Carter Nelson, Kody Bullock, Peyton Owen, and Branton Green

3rd in Argumentative Essay: Shelby Madden

3rd in Extemporaneous Speaking Domestic: Benjamin Sleszynski

4th in Duologue: Brady Swanson and Anna Nails

4th in Extemporaneous Speaking International: Eva Ellenburg

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