Gordon County SPLOST passes

March 16, 2021–8:15 p.m.


Gordon County voters have approved a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for education.

The final vote was 949 to 311.

The continuation of the extra penny tax will raise an estimated $62,000,000 over no more than 20 calendar quarters.

The Gordon County Schools will get $37,324,000 which will be used for the acquisition and installation of digital resources and technology improvements throughout the district.

The money will also pay for renovations at several schools and the central office as well as facility modifications needed for Career, Technical and Agricultural Education courses.

Other Gordon County School System projects include the purchase of school buses, parking lot improvements, acquisition of property and equipment for capital outlay projects as well as the purchase of property for future schools and renovations to athletic facilities.

The Calhoun City Schools will get $24,676,000 to pay for the construction of an early learning academy to include Junior Jacket academy, PreK, and Kindergarten.

Also included in the package for the city schools are technology purchases, land acquisition around the Calhoun High/Middle School complex for enrollment growth and parking, new computers, school buses, and renovations to athletic facilities.

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