Major water and sewer projects slated for this year

March 4, 2021–6:45 p.m.


The Rome Water and Sewer Committee got an update on a couple of big projects that are set to get underway this year.

One project involves the River District, according to Rome Water and Sewer Director Mike Hackett.

“We are going to lay pretty close to a mile of pipe along 5th Avenue.” He said.  “We’re also going to be re-laying some sewer with the idea that we should be set up to and be good to go for any new development and the associated fire protection that would be required for that.  It’s going to be 12-inch lines which is pretty large lines.”

Construction could begin by the end of summer and would take about four months to complete.

The project would go from the 5th Avenue Bridge to Turner McCall Boulevard and along West 3rd Street to 2nd Avenue.

Another project that is expected to start in the not-too-distant future is the Etowah River wild water pump station.

“That would allow is to make the Etowah pumping at the same scale as the Oostanaula,” Hackett said.  “That project does include the relocation of a 30-inch sewer interceptor.  About a million dollars of that project will be associated with that.”

Hackett said the design is 95% complete and they are waiting for the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and the US Army Corps of Engineers to sign off on the plan.

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