City commission approves rezoning for town homes

February 22, 2021–10:52 p.m.


The Rome City Commission has approved a rezoning request for a townhouse development on East 3rd Street and East 8th Avenue.

The applicant sought rezoning the parcels from Office Institutional to Urban Mixed-Use for approximately 18 new units, according to Rome-Floyd Planning Director Artagus Newell.

“This rezoning request will coincide with a previous request that the city commission approved in May or June of last year,”   he said.  “These are for the town homes that are currently going up on East 6th and East 8th.  This is a new phase of that development.”

Chuck Hardin with Southern Engineering and Surveying, who are the engineers on the project, said the town homes on the adjacent property are already under construction.

“The owner has purchased basically the rest of the block, all the various other parcels all the way down to Glen Milner or 8th,” he said.  “He is seeking to have that property rezoned in a like manner to the other property that he is currently developing.  It will be in future phases, probably two more phases is what the plan is now to expand in that direction.”

The vote to approve the rezoning was unanimous.

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