Calhoun Police: Beware of scams

February 9, 2021–8:30 p.m.


We want to make you aware of recent scams reported to the Calhoun Police Department.
This particular scam involves an official-looking letter and a check made out to you, that is mailed to your home or business.
The letter gives detailed instructions on the steps you must take in order to keep a portion of the money.
The letter tells you to deposit the (counterfeit) check into your bank account, withdraw the money, then purchase gift cards at local discount stores and pharmacies.
You are instructed to photograph the front and back of the cards, then forward the photo by email to the numbers listed on the letter.
This is a total scam and you will be out the entire sum deposited into your account that was used to purchase gift cards. This theft occurs by telephone where the caller poses as a debt collector, law enforcement officer or IRS Agent. It also occurs over the internet where they claim to be someone from your bank or credit card companies.
A couple of things to remember, trust but verify. If you did not initiate contact with the other party, do not give them any personal information, NEVER.
Also, if anyone you talk with asks you to purchase gift cards to pay a debt, hang up the phone, it’s a scam.
If you do receive a suspicious telephone call, email or letter, contact the Calhoun Police Department, (706) 629-1234, and speak with an officer before you take any action.

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